Hogan Guns - AR Style Direct Impingement Gas System. Custom Built AR Rifles in .223 and .308 Calibers

HOGAN GUNS is working on getting new H-223 and H-308 rifle designs.
We will have these pictures up soon on this website.
Thank you for your business and patience.


Hogan H-223 16" semi-auto HERO model

HOGAN Manufacturing is an American owned and operated small business, which places a high emphasis on service and support in addition to our top priority of delivering very high quality products at a reasonable cost in an on time fashion.

Our reputation has been built on our integrity and exemplary customer service and the willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ for our customers. We have decades of combined experience in our master machinists and engineering departments, who together design and create works of functional art in everything we manufacture. You can rest assured that you haven’t just purchased a firearm, but a masterpiece that has been carefully designed, engineered and tested to perform at the highest caliber possible to meet or exceed your expectations.

Our manufacturing and R&D facilities are located in Glendale, Arizona and have been in the design, manufacture and machining business since 1996. Over the years Hogan Manufacturing has been contracted to manufacture, and in some cases design, products for the aerospace, medical, semi-conductor, construction and remodeling industries. We have also provided machining services for the movie industry, firearms manufacturers, toy makers, auto/motorcycle industries and the development of ground breaking technology. We have specialized in product design, prototype tooling and fixtures with an ability to produce both low and high volume orders.

For the last seven years we have focused on the specialization, designing, engineering, manufacturing and testing of AR style rifles and components; uppers, lowers and miscellaneous gun accessories for other companies. Now, in 2011 we are extremely proud to begin production of and introduce to the market our own custom firearms and related accessory products under the HOGAN name. Having designed and manufactured AR type rifle components for many companies over the years, we are taking the opportunity to deliver our version of what we feel a premium rifle should be. We are sure you will agree and be extremely satisfied with the durability, reliability and performance of our H-223 and our H-308 firearms.


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AR Style Direct Impingement Gas System
Custom Built AR Rifles in .223 and .308 Calibers
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