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HOGAN GUNS is working on getting new H-223 and H-308 rifle designs.
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Hogan H-223 16" semi-auto HERO model

Hogan Quick Attach Rail Section


“To build the finest possible AR type rifles for the
shooter seeking much better than average accuracy and consistent trouble free operation”.

To achieve that goal, HOGAN utilize the following in building our guns: The heart of all HOGAN rifles is our short stroke gas piston/trap operating system. All components - gas block, gas piston (reversible), plug and bolt carrier group - are machined on premises then anti-corrosion treated, melonite heat treated, hard chrome or silicone nickel plated.

Our proprietary upper and lower receivers as well as our tactical and hunter rails are machined in house from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, bead blasted then hard anodized. NP3™ (Nickel/Teflon coating) and Cerakote finishes are also available. Our close tolerances ensure a firearm with virtually no play between the upper and lower receivers.

Barrel blanks are supplied by Rock Creek Barrels, Inc. and completed to final specification at Hogan Guns.

HOGAN ‘GOLD STANDARD’ Triggers are standard in all our rifles. The crisp break of this drop-in unit provides the shooter with the confidence to produce target after target with similar sub-MOA groups.

For our top of the line furniture and accessories, like butt stocks, grips and rail covers, we have developed long term relationships with leaders in those areas - VLTOR™, MAGPUL™, NORGON™, KNS™, and Falcon Industries’ ERGO GRIP™. Smaller parts like springs, screws and washers are sourced from domestic manufacturers.

Some of our rifles may look familiar to the consumer and that would be because we are the original designer and manufacturer of those parts and products marketed by others. Again, HOGAN Manufacturing/Advanced Device Designs, Inc. controls all aspects of the design and manufacturing of the key components in house, these include upper and lower receivers, rails systems, bolts, bolt carriers, gas piston components and the drop in trigger assemblies as examples. In addition, we assemble and test fire the final product that rolls out the door to ensure you are provided the finest quality product available.

We have contributed to, aided in the engineering of and tested improvements to this system for years. We proudly manufacture all of the patented products for the inventor and Advanced Device Design, Inc. By combining best practices in manufacturing with the highest quality components and materials available, we are confident that the shooter’s requirements will be well met. Hogan Guns and Hogan Manufacturing are the only authorized manufacturer, user and distributor of these products to the firearms industry.

Hogan Manufacturing/Hogan Guns is the sole manufacturer and authorized seller of Advanced Device Designs, Inc. patented products.

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